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Serrapeptase (60 Vcaps)

Serrapeptase (60 Vcaps)

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Recommended Use

  • Proteolytic enzyme.
  • Helps to reduce (Symptoms such as) pain, quantity of secretion, inability to perceive smell and stuff nose from ear, nose and/or throat infections.
  • Mucolytic enzyme that helps break down mucous.
  • Helps reduce and/or relieve postoperative cheek swelling and/or pain after dental surgery.

Medicinal Ingredients (per capsule) 120,000 Serrapeptidase Unit (60MG)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients Brown rice flour, Hypromellose (vegetable capsule shell), Ethyl cellulose(Enteric coating)

Recommended Dose

  • Adults: 1 Tablet 1 times per day.
  • Take 2 hours after a meal