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Kids 0-9 Teething Unidoses

Kids 0-9 Teething Unidoses

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  • Kids 0-9 Teething Unidoses

Kids 0-9 by Homeocan Teething Unidoses 20 x 1 ml

  • Soothes gum pain,relieves agitation and irritability
  • Canadian

Chamomilla 5CH ,Arnica Montana 5CH,Borax 5CH ,Hypericum Perforatum 5CH,purified water

Recommended Use

Squeeze content of a unidose into baby's mouth while in a sitting position

Recommended Dosage

Give one drinkable unit-dose at the onset of symptoms.If pain persists,repeat two more times at intervals of 15 minutes.Repeat process with each teething episode up to 9 uni-doses per day.