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Essencia Pine,Fir ,Eucalyptus Mist

Essencia Pine,Fir ,Eucalyptus Mist

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  • Essencia mist is a home fragrance containing Pine,Fir and Eucalyptus
  • 100% natural essential oils

Refreshing mist with icy eucalyptus notes mixed with the green scent of pine and fir needles.Spray freely to help clear respiratory passages and purify the air.

  • Purifies the aire and helps clear respiratory passages .
  • Canadian

Orange solution ( Ethyl alcohol,Orange essential oil ),Eucalyptus globulus essential oil,Fir essential oil,Isobornyl acetate,Pine essential oil

Recommended Use

Always direct spray away from faceand into the middle of the room.Do not spray on plasticand painted surfaces or acrylics.